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About Us

LeaPVision Productions

We are an independent international film production company dedicated to making a vision a reality by taking a leap of faith.

A thought-provoking film has the ability to shift our perspective and inspire us to make changes in our lives. Inclusion is having a voice. We believe in empowerment through creativity. With our films we are on a mission to build bridges, challenge perspectives, and spark a dialogue. With a strong focus on female driven content, we are on a mission to change the narrative for women. 

The Team

The People of LeaPVision

Lea Pfändler

CEO & founder

Director, Writer, Producer

Lea Pfandler is the CEO and founder of LeaPVision Productions and works as a director, writer, and filmmaker. Being Swiss by passport, but grown up all over the globe, she considers herself a citizen of the world speaking multiple languages. Coming from a family of artists, Lea’s love for storytelling started at a very young age, writing scripts and drawing comics, which lead her to study film science at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She also holds a BA in Acting from Germany and is now residing in NYC, where she has directed, written, and produced short films including ‘A Cycle’, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, ‘Fork In The Road’, ‘A New Tomorrow’, ‘ How I Met Emily’, and 'When Will The Chameleon Speak'. Her films have won Lea several awards, such as Best Film Of The Festival, Best LGBT Film, Best Thriller, Best Emerging Storyteller, Best Screenwriter, and two Audience Choice Awards. She is a member of NYC Women Filmmakers and participated as a writer and actor in the inaugural all female film challenge ‘Women’s Weekend Film Challenge’. She has a soft spot for romance and period dramas and believes in telling stories that move the heart, advocate inclusion & diversity, and provoke thought. Lea is currently writing her debut feature script. She also works as a freelance photographer at Lea Pfandler Photography.

Pavel Shatu

Writer, Producer

Graphic Design

Pavel Shatu is a Russian-American actor from West Siberia best known for his roles in HUNTERS, Mr.Robbot, 12 Kilometers, Échappé and Orange Is The New Black. He is a writer and producer at LeaPVision Productions and has contributed to many award-winning short films such as Old Habits Die Hard (Best Film Of The Festival and Best Actor Award at 300 Seconds Short Film Festival, Best Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Award at Alternative Film Festival). Pavel started his acting career on one of the KVN teams, “Region 42”, a popular Russian TV/stage show. He received several Best Actor Awards for his performances as lead actor throughout five years on the team. After migrating to the United States in 2010, Pavel graduated from the William Esper Studio in New York City and joined the SAG-AFTRA Union. He has since been on sets of directors such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Barry Jenkins, Erin Feeley and worked with award-winning directors such as Mike Pecci, Andrew Bruntel, and Allison Mattox. Holding a degree in engineering in coal mining, Pavel  is also an abstract artist and graphic designer having created his unique artwork and brand ArtPavelShatu that can be described as modern expressionism.

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